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P(our) London | Awards

P(our) London | Awards

Awards and rankings have helped shape our industry, as well as the people in it. They have motivated bars and bartenders to push harder and reach further than ever before. They have built not only bars, but also entire bar scenes, brands and bartenders all over the world.

But has it now gone too far? Is our industry getting too obsessed with winning awards, forgetting that the biggest reward is a full house every night of the week?

P(our) London explores the attraction of the most sought – after accolades, what they really mean for their recipients, and confronts the consistent criticisms awards face about transparency.

We invite you to join our panel (TBA) for a discussion on January 23rd , 2 – 4 PM

Council Chamber at The Town Hall Hotel, Patriot Square, Bethnal Green, London E2 9NF

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Council Room The Town Hall Hotel January 23rd 2-4 PM

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