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Two days of curated talks by some of the world’s most influential bartenders, thinkers and drinks professionals

The theme for 2016 is ‘The Modern Bartender’, recognising that the bartender’s role has evolved and is no longer confined behind the bar. The symposium will reflect upon this change, and examine how to embrace and enhance it to expand the bartender’s reach within the industry and society at large.


Nick Strangeway | (The Cocktail) Revolution was not televised

Has the modern bartender forgotten the importance of diversity in the quest for perfecting one's skills?

Alec Doherty | Art & Beer

Creativity can lead to great partnerships between people of different professions, and help new brands develop their own identity.

Martin Kastner | Connecting The Dots

How functional design has changed the way we serve food and drinks, and why it can help enhance the experience in the future.

Ben Reade & Sashana Souza Zanella | Keeping food interesting

Ben and Sashana from Edinburgh Food Studio keeps food interesting by complicating it as much as possible and collaborating with others in order to create their own style.

Tracy Ging | Source, Selection + Saving the Planet

How did craft coffee get to a benchmark 50% sustainability in the supply chain, and why does it matters?

Douglas McMaster | Zero Waste – Literal or Philosophical?

Chef & Owner of UK's first zero waste restaurant, Douglas McMaster talks sustainability, food and why he doesn't consider his restaurant to be zero waste.

Corrado Bogni | The Power of Intention

Corrado Bogni talks hospitality and explains why having the right intention sometimes helps you to get ahead.

Pacing Yourself in the Modern Bartending World | Shawn Soole

Shawn Soole on the hardship and determination it takes to have a career in the bar industry

Jim Meehan| Serving ourselves and each other

Jim Meehan on responsible service at Modern Bartender Symposium

Modern Bartender | Zdenek Kastanek

Zdenek Kastanek on the mindset and attitude of a modern bartender

The Code | Angus Winchester

Global drinks educator Angus Winchester discusses the 'code of conduct' for the modern professional bartender

The Modern Bartender | Philip Duff

Philip Duff discusses the changes not only in our industry, but how we have changed in general

Modern Bartender | Gary Regan

Gary Regan discussed the difference between a Modern Bartender and a Good Modern Bartender

Modern Bartender | Sven Almenning

Sven Almenning, founder of Speakeasy Group, Experimental Spirits Co & Ananas on the many new opportunities for todays modern bartenders

Curating a Creative Future | Erick Castro

Erick Castro of Polite Provisions & Bartender at Large talks how to curate a creative foundation, and advices which habits works well to keep a sharp state of mind under pressure.

Modern Bartender | Carina Soto Velásquez

Carina Soto Velásquez on her path from bartender to bar owner to entrepreneur

Modern Bartender | Dave Broom

Author and Glaswegian Dave Broom talks what it means being a Modern Bartender

Modern Bartender

Being a bartender today is as diverse as it is uniform, and as rewarding as it is full of new challenges. But what does it mean to be a Modern Bartender? This is the theme of our first symposium.

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