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Two days of curated talks by some of the world’s most influential bartenders, thinkers and drinks professionals

In 2017 P(our) Symposium turns it's attention to GENDER, recognizing the issues within our industry and examine how to embrace change, equality and expand this movement further.

The future needs to be about diversity, it needs to be empowering and it needs to include everyone! We need to collaborate to educate, and inspire each other to create new leaders, that will drive our industry forward.


P(our) Symposium 2018 | SAVE THE DATE

This year we explore Perfection. Tapping into every aspect of the word, we examine our industry's relationship with this powerful force that so often consumes us.

Jeanette John Solstad Remø | Respect Diversity

The most common prejudice is to believe we don't have one. But in the struggle to change society's attitude towards discrimination, can one person really make a difference? We say YES

Audra Mulkern | The Invisible Farmer

Women grow half of the worlds food, yet the female farmer is still in large part invisible. 5 years ago, Audra Mulkern set out to change this, thru documenting and sharing the stories of the female farmer through her camera.

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