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Modern Bartender | Zdenek Kastanek

Modern Bartender | Zdenek Kastanek

“The Job you have” some say.

“The job, you have Mr. X Barkeep” once again resonates in-between the walls of Mr. Barkeep’s bar.

It always make him little said. How is that, that people around us dislike, don’t care or hate their jobs? He asks!

“Man you must like your job” he hears again. Yes I do he answers proudly with a head and chest high thinking “I worked hard for it”.

“I worked hard for it”?!?!


What does that mean?


Well it is where most of us foolishly think that the word “hard” means the same thing for the guy next as to us. We all have completely different view of the world around us and The World is certainly not looking at us the same way. It has a different set of eyes for everyone.

 Modern barkeep is well traveled person.

 Modern barkeep enjoy to travel on his/her own as its one of a few ways for him/her to not look after anyone but themselves and recharge.

 Modern barkeep is a person who does not work 9 to 5.

 Modern barkeep is a person who doesn’t see weekend as a rest time.

 Modern barkeep always wonder! Physically as well as mentally.

 Modern barkeep is curious!

Modern barkeep has an EGO, lots of it, but works on it.

 Modern barkeep is the lady or the gentlemen.

 Modern barkeep see success of others as an opportunity to grow and get better.

 Modern barkeep loves life.

 We have no life just work; the other folks say, well we live by and through our work!

So hell yes I agree “We have damn awesome job, but we work hard for it because we love”

Modern barkeep see success of others as an opportunity to grow and get better

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